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Project | Commercial
Location | Pasar Minggu, Jakarta, Indonesia
Area | 500m
Year | 2013

Anjung Salihara is the first finished project by studiodasar. It is situated in an art compound managed and curated by Salihara Community. Housing dance and music studio, bedrooms for guests, storage room, data room, multifunction room and gym as well as open air stage, this building is the 4th structure erected in the compound. The first 3 buildings, theatre, gallery and office, were designed by notable Indonesian architects: Andra Matin, Adi Purnomo and Marco Kusumawijaya.

There are two main ideas behind this building: 1. To exercise efficiency and effectiveness in organising the required programs; 2. to explore possibilities and re-interpret the design of a tropical medium height building.

After purchasinga 500 sqm land, it is to everyone surprise that the local government only permit 200 sqm of the land, that was allowed to be developed. With the many programs that are required by the community, it was only relevant to think how to use the remaining land, as effective as possible. So we started by moving out all vertical circulation system, out of the newly purchase 200sqm land, and “borrowed” the existing adjacent land. Stairs are semi-outdoor, and we use construction hoist to replace the common elevator. This way we can use all the remaining 200sqm to efficiently housed all the required programs.

I have always been thinking that tropical climate has the most friendly weather. We don’t have extreme weather here in Indonesia. The temperature is always between 24-31 celsius. This situation made a semi-open building more possible to be built. I want to take this opportunity, and avoid making a closed, mullion building with glass facade.

This building uses minimal air-con. Only 30% of the area of the building uses air-con. Those rooms are, documentation chamber, both studios (dance and music) and 9 bedrooms. These are the only rooms in the building that can be 100% closed, the rest of the building is semi-open. We use louvered window as the facade of the building, to make sure air can circulate as much as possible.